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Rules And Regulations
Forum » Welcome To Et3rnity » Rules + Regulations
Joined: 19th Dec 2011
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20th Dec 2011


1) You may not join Et3rnity if you are in another clan- No exceptions. If you are caught joining multiple clans and you are in the Et3rnity, you will be warned then kicked out.

2) You may not join Et3rnity if you already lead or own another clan- No exceptions what so ever.

3) When you register for Et3rnity , we expect you to be active in our online community. Do not join if you plan on staying in Et3rnity for only a very small amount of time. (If you have joined and have not played within a month then you will be kicked out)

4) Remember to never report a fellow clan member; we are not supposed to be enemies no matter what the case is, we are all supposed to be friends.

5) We ask you not to ask stupid questions that are already displayed on the Et3rnity website. If you want an answer to your question and it is not displayed on the website, then please ask a moderator/admin or a member if you cannot find a moderator/admin.

6) Remember, to remain a member of the Clan , you must stay active. If no-one sees activity from any member for 3 months with out reason, or if you were a great addition to the clan we will make it 5 month's to give you a chance to get active again, if you ignore this warning then you're out. "You have to try and be active 60% of the time"

7) FollowEt3rnityGaming ' Terms and Conditions.

=Clan Room Rules=


4) If a clan hater that is not in the clan is in one of the clan meeting areas, politely ask him/her to leave. If he/she doesn't leave or respond, please ignore him/her and cease any contact with that person. We don't like to have to do this, but arguing with the randoms/trolls/stalkers only aggravates the situation. If members are caught arguing, fighting, or 'protecting' the clan base, those members will be given a warning. Ignoring the occasional random/troll is the most efficient way to deal with the situation.

Remember, Don’t Feed The Trolls.
5) Verbal fights are not permitted in the clan room. If you have a disagreement with another member, we ask you to please discuss it privately.

6) We, as a clan, abide by all the rules and regulations stated by EternityGaming and their forums as agreed upon in their Terms of Service Agreement.
=Clan Loyalty Rules=

1) Respect is necessary for this clan to become a success. You must always respect your fellow clan members and especially the leader, k1ngsn1pe.

2) All members are asked to uphold the name of the Et3rnityGaing at all times during your membership. This means helping new members and not causing trouble.

3) Members are asked to be friendly towards allied clans. You may do what you wish that you deem fit to enemy clans.

4) All members in the Et3rnityGaming, are asked to politely direct any newcomers looking to join a clan to our official website.

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Forum » Welcome To Et3rnity » Rules + Regulations
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